Leather Luggage Tag - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost - Genuine Leather


Leather Luggage Tag - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost - Genuine Leather Luggage Tag - Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Wanderlust

2" X 3.5" genuine leather luggage tags. Sturdy and durable. This Sunburst stain is exclusive to Exsect Inc Ive spent 8 years perfecting it!

Super PREMIUM butter soft deerskin lace ties. Ive brought DOWN the prices of the tags and brought UP the quality of ties. Hand cut from North American whitetail deer hides, this premium lace is lightweight and has some stretch, but is extremely strong.

All items purchased from my direct website ship within 1-3 days!

****The design of this tag can not be altered. i.e.: the plane or authors name can not be removed. Additionally, the font can not be changed.

***The grain side (back side of the leather) can not be tooled or embossed.***

You can see any embossing or tooling impression on the back permanently imprinted onto the front. It smashed down the embossing on the front and looks terrible. (See Image 5).

You can write on the backs of the tags with any Sharpie marker! Sharpie is permanent on these tags with no need for sealant. If you do want to seal your written address, phone number or name etc. on the back, I would highly suggest Krylon's Clear Matte Finish ‘spray paint’ which can be found at any Walmart, Home Depot or Michael's.

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